Why use DSB paper cutter?

DSB Paper Cutting Machine is a very useful tool for office and bookstores, DSB paper cutters. The weight of this machine is very light, only 0.94kg -1.8kg. Compact helps you.

The DSB paper cutter is made using German technology so it is very durable, and handy when using this device.

- With sizes ranging from 398x198x50mm - 530x256x76mm, or maybe a little bigger depending on the type, you can easily put on a backpack or bag like this, it does not occupy a lot of space, very compact . Whenever you travel far away or work on a variety of locations, you need the DSB paper cutter, so it's easier than ever to bring it with you.

- Are you an office worker, and your job is to have paper cutters to cut the papers required by the job, as you like? New Age Company is pleased to inform you that you have a lot of choices because this useful DSB paper cutting machine has a great variety of styles, sizes and colors to meet your tastes and requirements. The higher the consumer's current

With DSB paper cutters in front of you, you can cut everything anytime, anywhere you want. This is a series of paper cutters utility is being used many point advantage in the market today and please note that it is only used to cut paper.

- Why these paper cutters are so popular with consumers, the main reason is because these DSBs are made from genuine German technology, has a sturdy structure, very convenient, Effective for users:

Maximum cutting width: A4 (330mm) is the DSB GT-4, DSB GT-4B, DSB GT-4C, paper cutting machine DC-10, DC-20. If your job or need to cut A3 paper size then we have the DSB GT3B, DSB GT3. Comfortable for you to choose.

+ The blade is extremely sharp, safe. The New Age Company would like to add that in the form of two paper cutters DC-10 has more advantages than the other. DC-10 has 2 faces. Face 1: cut 5 sheets straight once. Face 2 with 3 types of cut: straight cut, rip rip, cut serrated. Coming to the DC-20 also has two sections. Face 1: cut 10 sheets straight once. Page 2 with 3 types of cutting: straight cut, rip, cut serrated and it also has the function of cutting paper corners that other lower life machines can not have.

+ Cutting of all these machines is very accurate as you see here. Cut is cut, standard and quick.

+ About capacity. The New Age Company enjoyed the old saying "take the other one". We have many choices as these DSB paper cutters are available in a variety of designs, cut sizes, and number of sheets per cut. You want to cut up to 10 sheets per cut. Choose the DSB GT-4, DSB GT-4B, DSB GT-3B, DC-20. 8 sheets per cut we have the DSB GT-3. And 15 sheets per cut, choose the DSB GT-4C.

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